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Paris hotels

The legendary city of beauty, love and romance, Paris is one of the top popular tourist attractions in the world with its amazing history, magnificent architecture and unique atmosphere. When planning your stay in Paris you can choose from its numerous hotels which presently count 1450.

The hotels of Paris are officially divided into such types: hotels with no stars offering the cheapest deals, mid-range hotels with one, two or three stars, and luxury hotels - with four stars or four L (L is for luxury) - the latter is the French definition of 5-star hotels. Hotels marked HT (Hotel de Tourisme) or NN (Nouvelle Norme) usually indicate budget offers. Keep in mind, however, that low rates are often the defining quality of cheap hotels, and they often won't accept credit cards.
If you're a non-smoker, choose a hotel offering separate rooms or even whole sections of the building for non-smoking guests. Most mid-range hotels are equipped with a lift, but if you're looking for extra facilities for disabled guests, you'll find a number of hotels that provide them.

You can choose to stay in any Paris area you prefer, considering that their accommodation offers suit your needs and budget. The area of the Louvre and Les Halles is the place of many luxury Paris hotels, but there are also some cheap deals. Same goes for Marais - while there are some high-end hotels in its center, it also offers a great selection of lower priced one-star or two-star hotels and great hostels. You would be surprised to find some mid-range hotel deals even in the area of Eiffel Tower and the chic 16e arrondissement of Paris. Champs-Elysees and Etoile are mostly home to luxurious hotels, while the enchanting Montmartre and Pigalle have both luxury and nice two-star hotels.

For less luxurious and more affordable accommodation, look in the 11e arrondissement, the Latin Quarter and Jardin de Plantes as well the area of the Bastille. There are some excellent midrange hotel deals in St-GErmain des Pres. Best budget hotels are found next to the main train stations of Paris. Also consider 15e arrondissement - though it's an unpopular district of Paris, it offers some great sleeping options, especially in chain hotels.

While hostels are considered among the cheapest accommodation options, there are hardly any offers under Euro 20 per night, while a double room with a washbasin in a budget hotel starts at Euro 35 and can run up to Euro 65 for a room with a shower. Mid-range hotels in Paris are considered the ideal combination of quality and price (a bath or shower is always included) that run from Euro 65 to Euro 150 for a double room.

If you're prefer luxury accommodation, you can choose between cozy boutique hotels and magnificent palaces, costing Euro 150 for two per night on average. The rates at some hotels in Paris may alter depending on the season. The high season lasts approximately from April to the beginning of autumn, while October to March is considered low season. And any time of year Paris hotel rates include a tourist tax that runs from Euro 0,20 for cheapest stays to Euro 1.50 for luxury hotels.

Booking for hotels online is a great way to save time and money and plan your trip in the comfort of your own home. An impressive hotel database combined with a convenient booking system allows you to make the best choice with the minimum of your time and without having to pay any extra fees. Keep in mind that if you plan your trip to Paris for Christmas, New Year or other holiday, as well as any time during the high season, it's best to book several months in advance, especially when it comes to popular hotels. Most hotels, especially budget ones will request a deposit from you to make the reservation, while hotels with two stars and more may be content with having your credit card number or a letter or fax in French or English that confirms your intentions.

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