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Bandung hotels

Planning a trip to Bandung and have difficulty deciding on a hotel to stay in?
You are at the right place. The mission of TripTake is to help you find the right hotel in Bandung with good value for money, and provide you with hotel reviews and advice from travellers who stayed in Bandung.

All you need to do is specify the dates of your visit and we will request hotel availability on various sites. After that you can filter the hotels by price, class, location and available facilities.

Compare prices from different internet websites. Booking hotels online is a great way to save money because the online rates are often lower than the hotel rack rates. Notice that the rates may vary on different sites and the same hotel room may have different prices.

Hotel rates

Average price per night in Bandung is about 50 USD in cheap hotels and 70 USD in luxury hotels.
On the basis of the reviews of our users (taken from the TripTake hotel rating) we can recommend you to pay attention to
  • Budget hotels (under 100 USD): Sheraton Bandung Htl And Tower, Grand Aquila Bandung, Santika Bandung, Aston Bandung, Savoy Homann Bidakara.

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